About Us

Jamie Lynne Campo, Founder

During Halloween 2011, Jamie traveled from West Hollywood to New Orleans to see My Chemical Romance perform at the Voo Doo Music Experience. As unforgettable as that was, another outing during her trip also left an impression. 

While on Bourbon street, she spontaneously bought tickets for a walking ghost tour. Her group followed a tour guide through cobblestone streets flanked with flickering gas lamps and horse-drawn carriages. There was an eerie mist in the thick air, as they made stops at haunted mansions, hotels, a school and a church. 

The New Orleans ghost tour also stopped at a pub, where customers received one drink. Being the good half Irish girl that she is, Jamie felt that one drink was fine but several would be an even better time! And with that thought - The West Hollywood Haunted Pub Crawl was born. 

She wanted to add a splash of comedy to lighten the Hollywood tales of murder and mayhem and set out to find the weirdest comedian on the Sunset Strip...enter Bob Rubin. 

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Bob Rubin, "Gore Guide" Host

This San Francisco stand-up comedy legend is a strange cat whose material is thoroughly original. Described as, "hilariously weird" by People Magazine, Bob conjures detailed images in the vivid stories that he crafts.

Bob's podcast, Bananaland, was recently picked up by All Things Comedy, one of the world's top comedy sites. Check it out: http://www.allthingscomedy.com/channels/72/bananaland

A talented writer and actor, his most current movie roles include "Seesaw" in feature film Dead in 5 Heartbeats and "Gorgeous George" in Boondock Saints 2 - All Saints Day. He was also one of seven artists followed in the documentary Off the Boulevard, which was released to critical acclaim. 

Come see Bob as "Jack the Ripper" while he recounts haunted tales on The West Hollywood Haunted Pub Crawl.